Keeping the Faith 2

Vydavatel: Music On Vinyl, BMG
Kategorie: LP 
Podkategorie: Soul / Funk 
EAN: 8719262010628
Štítky: Funk / Soul
Rok vydání: 2019
Int. číslo: 686261
A1   On The Real Side 3:31
A2   It Really Hurts Me Girl 3:30
A3   Dreaming A Dream 3:05
A4   Party Music 4:09
A5   Beautiful Woman 3:14
B1   You're My One Weakness Girl 3:09
B2   In The Bottle 3:19
B3   Nine Times 4:32
B4   I Want To Give You My Everything 2:38
B5   Country Girl 3:22
C1   Filled With Desire 3:42
C2   My Man Is On His Highway 3:22
C3   I Got The Need 2:42
C4   Forget That Girl 2:27
C5   Something Fishy Is Going On 4:15
C6   Every Beat Of My Heart (New Disco Version) 5:45
D1   I Wanna Give You Tomorrow 5:13
D2   Check Yourself 3:11
D3   I Gotta Keep Dancing 5:07
D4   Gee Baby 2:39
D5   Beautiful Summers Day 2:30

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