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Chubby, Popa
It's a Mighty Hard Road

Vydavatel: DIXIEFROG Records
Kategorie: LP 
Podkategorie: Blues 
EAN: 5051083153768
Štítky: Blues
Rok vydání: 2020
Int. číslo: 710167
A1   The Flavor is in the Fat 2:46
A2   It's A Mighty Hard Road 2:59
A3   Buyer Beware 3:30
A4   It Ain't Nothin' 4:00
A5   Let Love Free The Day 3:20
B1   If You're Looking For Trouble 3:54
B2   The Best Is Yet To Come 4:29
B3   I'm The Beast From The East 5:14
C1   Gordito 5:49
C2   Enough Is Enough 4:32
C3   More Time Making Love 3:55
D1   Why You Wanna Bite My Bones? 4:15
D2   Lost Again 5:14
D3   I'd Rather Be Blind 3:50
D4   Kiss 3:58

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It's a Mighty Hard Road